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Lianhua Primary School CCA Policy

  1. The main concern in our school CCA Programme is mass participation but at the same time suitable individuals should be given the opportunity to participate in District or National Competitions.
  2. To provide pupils with sufficient learning experiences, basic skills & knowledge, and if possible competitive exposure.
  3. To provide opportunities for the development of desirable attitudes, correct values and leadership qualities.
  4. To integrate various racial, social and economic groups.
  5. To promote recreation as a life-long activity.

Here is the list of CCAs for the year 2013:







Mr Vincent Low Teck Chye**

Mdm Wee Aye Maye*

Ms Noridayu Bte Roslan

 Mr Zainul



Mr Jonathan Foo**
Mrs Ee Xuehui Delicia*
Mdm Tang Lian Yi
Mdm Woo Yeong Yi


Mr Tan Chin Chuan**

Mr Willie Wong*
Ms Tan Jye En
Mr Yao Huasong


Mr Samuel Wong**
Ng Dao Jia*

 Zhao Fan



Chinese Dance

Mdm Yap Swee Quin**
Mdm Chang Ma Li*

Mdm Pek Peet Juan

Ms Ma Jingying


Indian Dance

Mdm Shanthini D/O Radha Krishnan**

Mdm Subathra D/O Govindasamy


Malay Dance

Mdm Rosnah Bte Rosman**

Mdm Zaiton Bte Muslim*
Ms Ezzah


Modern Dance

Mdm Norhani Bte Sahar**

Mdm Lee Peir Chuang*
Ms Isna  


Mdm Siti Nuraini Mustaqiim M Yusof**
Ms Rosni Bte Zainal*
Ms Zhang Yao



Mr Sim Wee Choon**

 Ms Tan Chiou Ting*



(Boys / Girls)

Mr Mohammad Faizal B Ismail**
Miss Tan Li Yan*

Ms Alena Chiong



Art Club

Mdm Lee Gim Fang**
Ms Maggie Fong*
Mdm Azizah

Ms Tao Ye


Chess Club

Miss Koh Wan Ting**
Ms Tan Xiaohui*
Mr Chong Chee Weng
Mrs Emily Chia


 Science Club

Ms Wok Li Jun Elizabeth**

Mrs Ameline Chua*
Mrs Jenny Tham
Mdm Woan Shu Pei


Infocomm Club

Mdm Ong Poh Har**

Mdm YanJuan
Mr Hassan Mohideen
Mdm Ma Su Lin


Library/Kids Read

Mdm Norlailawati Bte Osman*
Mdm Juliswati

Mdm Ho Sheu Yun


Robotics Club

Ms Wang Xiaoxuan**

Ms Noor Dayanah*

Mdm Ong Ee Lee
Mdm Wong Peck San
Mr Tan Jean Meng

Ms Juliana Sung

Miss Yong Hua Moy
Mdm Lai Lian Siang
Ms Edelyn Lee

Ms Carlyn Ong

Ms Rabia

 Ms Po Mun Ying

 Mr Alif